SIA is an independent cultural agency, based in Skopje.

Serious Interests Agency’s goal is to promote creative and theoretical practices that are socially engaging and transformative. SIA supports artistic, curatorial and theoretical/research activities, including urban and architecture related research in a wide range of media, through public exhibitions, online exhibitions, residencies, presentations & open discussions, as well as publications.


ART Context:

Conceptually, SIA aims to engage with our own respective local contexts, if not directly intervening with the status quo. As an initiative, we are mainly interested in observations, research, analysis and a constructive and creative response to our local context(s). As a gallery and art space, SIA is situated in Skopje, in the country of Macedonia. Our context is: Skopje, as a city that has undergone several dramatic changes in both the distant and more recent past; Macedonia, as a country / a region that acts as the backbone for the development of critical/creative analysis of specific cultural and socio-political circumstances.

Skopje, 26.08.1963.
Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 23.13.53
All the buildings and sculptures visible in this 3D manipulated video, have been/will be executed as a part of the ongoing, government-led project entitled ‘Skopje 2014’, which commenced in 2010.

Furthermore, we are interested in the relation of how our ‘locality’ (cultural, political and social) relates to parallel cultural initiatives, from cities and countries, firstly in the West Balkans and further. SIA is interested in expanding and evolving definitions of community, engaging not only in/with the local community, but acting across borders and cultures. 

SIA main objective

Through organising exhibitions of contemporary art, engaging in academic discussions and workshops, as well as enabling residencies for curators, artists and architects, SIA attempts to challenge the role of culture within a society, by promoting open access and transparency in sharing information, mutual interests and goals.


Directors of Serious Interests Agency are Nada Prlja (artist) and Daniel Serafimovski (architect and educator).


SIA has three core activities:




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