Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 19.27.04
OPA Professional / View of the exhibition / Image: Denis Saraginovski




Represented Artists

Sinisa Ilic

Ivan Ivanovski

Alban Muja

Nada Prlja

Ilija Prokopijev


Cooperation with

Yane Calovski

Hristina Ivanoska


Exhibited Artists

Nikola Uzunovski

Zorica Zafirovska

Kristina Bozurska

OPA Professional



In some ways, SIA Agency resembles an independent gallery, but its core interests, objectives and methods of work differ to any private gallery space.

The starting point for this initiative is artists’ ways of functioning within society, in other words artists’ need to balance between their artistic practice and parallel activities that ‘provide for life’. We are seeking to find ways the enable their main (experimental) artistic production to become their principal activity.

We are particularly interested in artists that belong to or research within geographical areas in which their activity could be solely helped by institutions (such as ministries, councils, embassies – institutions with directed political agendas) or by art institutions (which could be dysfunctional, due to complex social circumstances). We are interested in artists who are creating work without preconceived financial viability. We are also interested in artists whose work diverts from the production of ‘fine art objects’.

In the attempt to make this possible, our methodologies are diverse. We aim to establish a certain independency for artists, by providing a possibility for them to carry their concepts and actions out in the way intended.

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