Zorica Zafirovska (1982, Skopje). In 2006 she graduated at the University of Fine Arts in Skopje and is a student at the postgraduate studies at the Institute Euro Balkan. She lives and works in Skopje and Aberdeen. She has organized several solo exhibitions that have been the result of long-term research projects covering a wide spectrum of topics, such as the social and scientific cultural achievements and consumerism.

She has also exhibited her solo projects as part of the programme of the SIA Gallery, Skopje (with Kristina Bozhurska), 2015; House of the Construction Workers, Kora Gallery, Skopje, 2012; Small gallery Skopje, 2011; Art I.N.S.T.I.T.U.T., Skopje, 2009; the French Cultural Centre, Skopje 2008; Magaza, Bitola, 2007, etc.

She works on n social topics concerning children on the streets and she was the author of the publication “Pocketpedia of human trafficking in the 21st century” in 2008, which came as the result of a two-year research on the topic of human trafficking, which, apart from the promotion in Macedonia, was also presented at Expo – Shanghai, China, Artworks and Antiques in 2009.

She is a member and collaborator with Frik Banda, for which she works as the cooperator and selector of the video-art programme of young Macedonian authors, as well as  of part of the programme of the Frik Festival. She is the founder and member of the Art I.N.S.T.I.T.U.Т. and of the initiative Momi (Girls), where she is still a member. She was nominated twice for the prize for young artist “Denes”.