Serious Interests Agency (SIA) is a private contemporary art gallery in Skopje, whose core interests, objectives and methods of work differ from the other private gallery spaces. We are currently working with a number of carefully selected, well established artists from Macedonia, who are mainly working in the context of curated exhibitions in contemporary art museums and galleries, various international Biennales, commissioned public art projects, etc.
The works represented here, as part of Skopje Design Week 2014, have occupied major international museums (for example, Museums of Contemporary Art in Skopje, Belgrade, Rijeka, Bolzano, Dortmund, etc.) and walls of other respected contemporary art galleries (from Palais de Tokyo in Paris, to the Kunsthalle in Baden-Baden). These artworks are not copies or replicas, neither are they works created solely to be ‘sold’; they are original, valuable and desirable works of art, whose value is increasing.
The artists represented by SIA, have established a solid track record of exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. They have been creating interesting and engaging work for over a decade, have become established by achieving recognition in the art-world, and thereby guarantee that they will continue to develop their work at a high level.
These artists represent the most investable group of artists producing contemporary works of art currently in Macedonia. Further works and complete portfolios of the artists represented at Kurshumli an during Skopje Design Week 2014, can be seen at SIA Gallery.

Represented artists:
Yane Calovski
Hristina Ivanoska
Velimir Zernovski

Velimir Zernovski
Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 10.24.25
Hristina Ivanoska

About Skopje Design Week

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The idea behind SDW is that Skopje within 6 days programme unites on annual bases the world’s most remarkable designers and innovators in one place and gives them chance to communicate with the broad audience, regional corporate sector and educational institutions.

As totally neutral place where no strong culture is dominant the city of Skopje is perfect place for experiments and different concepts especially for the creative minds. SDW is a design oriented multicultural platform that aims to stimulate creative economy in the Balkans.

The overall program of SDW is an ambitious mix of innovative disciplines ranging from product, graphic and fashion, jewelry, technological and environmental issues and business issues closely related to design and innovation.

Continuation during the whole year is achieved by linking the activities with the regional and other international festivals and permanently upgrading the international brand and platform Ministry of Pleasure.


Aleksandar Velinovski — director
Marta Naumovska Grnarova — programme director
Ilija Argirovski — procurement director


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