18th May 2014

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The Wall and Table elements of the exhbition will have grown incrementally during the period of the exhibition, accumulating a wealth of material The process of selecting relevant panel members and organising the format for the public Discussion, will be part of the project process.

Discussion participants:
Risto Abramovski
Minac Bakalcev
Nikola Gelevski
Svezdan Georgievski
Vlatko Korobar
Ivan Mirkovski
Maksim Naumovski
Daniel Serafimovski

Vlatko Korobar
Daniel Serafimovski

The Discussion around the collected works and their relevance for inclusion on a further publicatino (the Book) or as a series of smaller thematic publications, is seen as another ‘performance’ element – adding to the interactive as discursive ambitions of the project and exhibitoin format.

10404581_10203962571731246_788268190_o 10388909_10203962583571542_1383147644_o 10388815_10203962580771472_476889326_o 10381235_10203962586931626_1966036048_o 10364597_10203962583291535_758351143_o 10357350_10203962586891625_447585669_oImages: Boris Jurmovski

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