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Image credits: Nil Yalter & Theo Lesoualch, Mime Programme from Paris to Istanbul to Tehran to Bombay 1956-1959













Serious Interests Agency calls on emerging visual artists, to participate in an exhibition in the gallery space of Serious Interests Agency in Skopje, Macedonia.

‘…In 2010, when the Clark House Initiative announced itself on the art scene, the co-founder of the initiative, Zasha Colah proclaimed, “We wanted to arm ourselves with projects that would develop a different vocabulary for protest. We were sure that protesting on the streets would not work anymore.”
Through political exhibitions, different economic models, innovations in exhibition spaces, the Clark House Initiative has managed to stand out…’ 1

Inspired by the Clark House Initiative and other artists working in a similar manner, SIA is inviting, with this Open Call, artists to create a system / artwork that is not tied down by conventions, regulations and the established cannons of our society. This exhibition aims to build a platform for emerging artists, providing a space for innovative proposals within the field of visual art, by facilitating a dialogue, exchange and critical discussion.

The main goal of the call is to enable the participant(s) of the exhibition to respond constructively and creatively to certain aspects of our local context, to the city of Skopje or other areas of Macedonia. The appointed jury will evaluate the received works of art on the basis of the artists’ ability to represent valuable investigations, observations and relevant analysis – as well as

The coordinator of the exhibition is Nada Prlja. The jury consists of Petra Bischof (Strategic Direction and Development at ArtAngle – Balkans Culture Development, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Skopje), Blanca de la Torre (curator at ARTIUM – Museum of Contemporary Art, Vitoria, Spain), Marta Popivoda (film/video maker, artist and a cultural worker based in Berlin and Belgrade) and Nebojsa Vilic (art historian and university lecturer, Faculty of Fine Art, Skopje). Depending on the quality of the proposals / work received, the jury will decide whether the show will be a solo or a group exhibition.

What we are looking for:
– We are looking for ground-breaking proposals, bold project ideas that will influence our local cultural landscape.
– The exhibition is within the realm of contemporary art; traditional art media could be taken in consideration only if in response to contemporary art approaches.
– Proposals should be for projects of a real scale (that can be realised within the gallery space). We believe that the production of the work or the material itself used for the artworks, does not necessarily need to ‘lead’ the artists’ projects, and we therefore ask the artists to be sensible how much (financially) they invest in the project.
– We seek proposals only from fine art practitioners (professional artists or fine art students). Professional designers or architects, photographers or filmakers (or students from within those fields) could also apply, but they need to be aware that we are looking for art projects. – The applicant should not be older than 35 years.
– The call is targeting primarily local artists, as the submission will require a substantial knowledge about the local circumstances and context (taken into consideration in the artists’ project proposals). International artists could also apply, however – if their proposed project refers to specific local situations in Macedonia and demonstrates sufficient awareness / knowledge of the same.
– We are not only looking for artists with a substantial portfolio of engaged/critical projects (although they are, of course, encouraged to apply); we are also interested to see project proposals from young artists that might see this project / exhibition as an introduction to their own art practice, or may use it as a testing ground for a direction that they would like to pursue in the future.

What to send:
We would like to receive from you, a single project proposal, supported by:
– A short description of the project (up to 150 words).
– 3 sketches/images (up to 1mb each) that will clearly visualize your proposal.
– Short biography.

How to enter:
– The submissions are not chargeable, it is free to apply.
– All submissions must be made by sending an email to
– The deadline for this Open Call is 25.10. 2014.
– The exhibition opening at SIA will be at the beginning of November, 2014.
– The jury’s decision is final and will be sent to selected artist\s by e-mail. Only shortlisted artists will be provided with feedback and announced on the SIA website.

Other information
The production of the work is to be conceived, executed (and financially supported) by the selected participant(s). SIA provides the gallery space, media coverage and a modest, standardised gallery catalogue, the opening cocktail and use of residency space (up to a week, if they are coming from elsewhere). We do not cover travel, transport or per-diam costs or any other expenses. We could, however help with a letter of support to any appropriate supporting funding bodies related to the individual applicants and their individual projects.

*1 Introduction text by Kevin Lobo, Rebels with an Art Cause, India Express, 27.08.2014

Serious Interests Agency (SIA) is an independent project space, based in Skopje, Macedonia. SIA promotes socially engaged creative and theoretical practices. SIA supports artistic, curatorial and theoretical/research activities, including urban and architecture related research. SIA is interested in work that investigates, observes, analyzes and constructively and creatively responds to our local context.

SIA engages with a wide range of media: public exhibitions, online exhibitions, residencies, presentations & open discussions, as well as selected publications. Initiators and directors of SIA are Nada Prlja (artist) and Daniel Serafimovski (architect).

Odgovori na nekoi od prasanjata sto cesto gi postavuvate:
Dali se plaka ucestvoto vo izlozbat?

Ne, no sekako ke stanete del od izlozbata samo ako ste izbrani od naseto ziri.

Dali treba da go napisam opisot na deloto na angliski?

Ne, no ako ste vo izbrani vo potesniot krug – togas da, no za toa ke bidete izvesteni licno preku email.

Sekoj vid na sovremeno umetnicko izrazuvanje moze da bide zemeno vo predvid – performans, live art, sliki, instalacija, crtez, itn.

Zosto nema tema na koja treba da odgovoram do delo/la?

Temata na izlozbata treba da e vasa inicijativa, znaci toa sto vas licno ve interesira/zasega treba da bide pretstaveno vo vasata aplikacija, no sekako treba da ima odredena vrzanost so Skopje, kako grad i situacija.

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