Shortlisted Artists

We are happy to announce the shortlisted artists for our Open Call are:

Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 20.37.18
Kristina Bozurska, project to Work, to working, Used and dumped, 2014 Oil on canvas, 300 x 150 cm.

Kristina Bozurska

Her artworks are dealing with complex issues of the contemporary society, raising questions on globalization, mass production, consumerism, identity, and lately workers rights and their position in society. Bozurska’s projects are ranging from mixed media paintings, drawings, videos to object oriented installations. She is not restricted to one medium, but rather uses each medium in her advantage to communicate an idea, make a comment or a critique. Ordinary, thrown and discarded objects are often found in her works as a one layer of the work that is dealing with the marginalized, downgraded and forgotten.

Kristina Bozurska is born in 1984 in Kumanovo, Macedonia, lives and works in Skopje. She graduated painting at the Faculty of Fine Art, Skopje. Currently she is enrolled on a MA course in Cultural Studies, at the Institute of Literature, Skopje. She had three solo exhibitions: “Drawings Compressions” in Gallery UNA, Bjared, Sweden; “Compressions”  in National Gallery “Mala Stanica” Skopje and National Gallery Kumanovo; and “Garbage bags” in an abandoned space in Kumanovo.

She took part in many group exhibitions: XIV Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, 2009;  2011 Media art – Art media=social power, Gallery Expoart, Pristina, Kosovo curated by Zeni Blashi, 2011, Open Studio at the ISCP New York,2011; Talk Art, Gallery ЕPG, Paris-organized by MCA Skopje, 2011; Looking Forward, Contemporary Art from Eastern Europe, National Gallery Podgorica, Montenegro 2010. Her video works were exhibited in several international video festivals like One Minute Festival Brazil, Projector DVD Festival Netherland, Videoholica Special Selection etc.

Bozurska has won several scholarships and awards such as  best video in nano minute category at the One Minute Festival Brazil, Denes award for best young artist in Macedonia for 2010 and residential stay at the ISCP New York and scholarship in 2013 for the Tania Bruguera’s “Arte Util” workshop in Salzburg Summer Art Academy.


Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 13.19.47
Zorica Zafirovska, project Behind the red ribbon, pencil drawing,
Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 20.38.03
Goran Menkov, project Rotten Arts, Hibernation – Reanimation, Wall potential, Freeform , mold on drywall, 50 x 60cm
Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 20.38.43
Dusan Pejcev
Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 14.07.19
Zoran Sekerov, project Last century, colour photographs, 2014 – ongoing


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