Percinkov’s biography

Dusan Percinkov was born in Skopje, Macedonia (1939), where he still lives and works. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in Belgrade, Serbia (1963) where he also gained an MA diploma (1966). Percinkov is predominantly a painter, printmaker, art-object maker and art educator. He was a tutor at the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje since 1972, and since 1980 and until his retirement, he was a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. He has had numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally; the latest retrospective of his work was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje (2003).

Percinkov started his career in the mid ‘60s. Since the ‘70s he embraced silk-screen as his primary medium (which at the time, in Macedonia was seen as a lesser-art form to painting). This shift in his art practice has made him one of the main supporters of innovation within fine art in the local art scene, an attitude and approach which has been transferred onto several generations of younger artists in Macedonia.

Percinkov is one of the most important and authentic artists in Macedonia. His work is mainly influenced by the avant-garde movements from the beginning and mid-20th century. Since the beginning of his career in the ‘60s, he investigated the relationship between the urban and the natural world, while his works from (and since) the ’80’s lean toward abstraction. Percinkov is still active, making art-objects in a geometric and minimal style.